I found that most recipes are written in a very inconvenient way, which I hope to solve on this site:

1: You always have to keep referring back and forth between sections
→ In my Step by Step by Step™ method, all measurements and tools are included at the step where you need them

2: Information is presented in long sentences that you don’t want to be deciphering
→ In my Step by Step by Step™ method, instructions are short commands
(a bit like a computer program, leaving only the essential data)

I found that following a recipe like this – especially when you haven’t made it before – saves a lot of headache from puzzling what exactly to do, and prevents mistakes.

The recipes are just anything I like to make as a home chef. They come from many different sources, most often adapted or a combination of other recipes. Many are simple, and some are more intricate; I try to mark the difficulty of each recipe as well as I can.