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Dutch Egg Cakes: Eierkoeken

A typical Dutch type of large, soft cookie-shaped cake, sweet and a little dry.
Eaten as a popular ‘not-too-unhealthy’ snack all through the day in the Netherlands and Belgium. They can be found in almost any store or stall that sells any baked goods, but making them yourself is, like getting them fresh from a bakery, much nicer πŸ™‚

IngredientAmount (8–12 cakes / 2 trays)
Flour100 g
White caster sugar85 g
Vanilla sugar8 g (1 baggy)
Baking powder4 g (Β± 1Β½ tsp)
Lemon (zest only)1
Salt1 g (Β± ΒΌ tsp)


Oven Upper + lower heat
Standard measuring devicesGrams scale, teaspoon
Electric MixerWith normal mixing attachments
Baking trays1 plate per 4–6 cakes
Cookie spatula
Oven rackTo cool them down on

Step by Step

β†’ Preheat 175 ΒΊC
2100 g flour, 4 g baking powder, 1 g salt
β†’ Into Bowl 1
2 min
31 lemon
β†’ Grate yellow zest into Bowl 1
β†’ Mix with whisk
3 min
485 g caster sugar, 8 g vanilla sugar, 2 eggs
β†’ Into Bowl 2
β†’ Mix with mixer until thick & airy (Β± 6 min)
3 min
5Add Bowl 1 contents to Bowl 2
β†’ Slowly mix with spatula
7 min
6Two tablespoons, Baking trays
β†’ Scoop dough, 4–6 per tray
β†’ Lightly spread scoops into thick circles
β†’ Keep space between, cakes will expand x2
4 min
7Baking trays into oven
β†’ Bake for 12 minutes
12 min
8Check if golden brown, take out
β†’ Cut off the plates directly with cookie spatula
β†’ Cool down on rack

2 min
5 min
(Β± 38 min)
Done, enjoy!


More crispyRaise temperature, shorten time / or use convection oven
(e.g. 190 ΒΊC for 10 min)
More softAdd hot water bowl to oven, lower temperature, increase time
(e.g. 170 ΒΊC for 15 min with water)

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